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  1. SDM Accounting Insights: Let’s Find A Better Way To Manage Your Receivables

    Failure to collect accounts receivable (AR) in a timely manner can lead to myriad financial problems for your company, including poor cash flow and the inability to pay its own bills. Consider these five strategies to facilitate more timely collections: 1) Create an AR aging report. 2) Assign ...


  2. SDM Accounting Insights: Should You Revise Your Nonprofit’s Bylaws?

    If you haven’t revisited your not-for-profit’s bylaws recently, they may not be as effective as they could be. Your bylaws should cover your nonprofit’s broad charitable purpose and provide procedures for resolving internal disputes, such as the removal and replacement of a board member. If you decide changes ...


  3. SDM Accounting Insights: Summer: A Good Time To Review Your Investments

    It’s a good time to review your portfolio for tax-saving strategies. The long-term capital gains tax rate is still historically low on appreciated securities that have been held for more than 12 months. The federal income tax rate on long-term capital gains recognized in 2019 is 15% for most taxpayers. ...


  4. SDM Accounting Insights: Why Do Companies Restate Financial Results?

    Financial restatements were up in 2018. Though restatements have a negative stigma, the uptick may not necessarily signal an increase in mismanagement or a deterioration in internal controls. Mundane reasons for revising annual reports include misinterpretation of accounting rules and changes in accounting oversight. In light of recent changes to ...


  5. SDM Accounting Insights: Protect Your Nonprofit From Occupational Fraud Threats

    Many not-for-profits increase their occupational theft risk by devoting too little of their budget to internal controls, placing excessive trust in staffers and volunteers and failing to punish fraud perpetrators appropriately. Board members who lack the financial knowledge to spot irregularities are another risk. Because your organization likely can’t afford ...